Founded in 2016 by Michael Cosson, who loves amusing products and is always ready to laugh, Blue Corvus was conceived to become an innovative and fun company that creates a unique way for consumers to let others know what is on their minds in an instant. Deciding that there was a better way to politely ask the driver behind him to please back off, rather than providing a universal hand gesture, Michael was inspired to create a high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled, and micro USB/battery-powered scrolling LED sign with customizable messages that could easily and clearly communicate his thoughts with other drivers on the road.

Having a background in electrical engineering, and working with tech companies in the past, Michael decided to take it upon himself and create a fun and easy-to-use solution. After doing research online, Michael saw that many small LED signs were already available, but none was battery-powered for portability nor had Bluetooth capabilities for programming and control. Michael also noticed that the majority of the products were so dim that even the light from a cloudy day made the messages unreadable.

Drawing creative inspiration from his experiences, he took the initiative and made his concept a reality. Thus, a more portable, easier-to-use, high quality, high resolution, Bluetooth-programmable and -controllable small-sized LED sign that can be attached to any smooth surface, was born (**Whew!** That was a mouthful!). The scrolling marquee, a.k.a. “The Bird”, that he created is currently available in a footprint small enough to fit in your pants pocket but large enough to be seen from nearly 100 feet away. Coupled with The Bird’s free downloadable Apple or Android mobile app, the portable LED sign has almost no limit to what you can write and support for nearly 200 emojis – straight from your device’s touchscreen keyboard. Keeping to his initial motivator, Michael’s direction for his company is focused on making quality, portable, and high-value LED products readily available to consumers who wish to express themselves – wherever and whenever.

You can say anything you want!