Using Blue Corvus’ “The Bird” To Better Your Ride Sharing Experience

The Ridesharing industry has changed the way we travel so much, that cities are restructuring their parking solutions. This booming sector of the economy is nurturing entrepreneurship, safe rides, and traveler confidence. And, as this adolescent industry reaches adulthood, both drivers and riders are discovering that there are opportunities to improve the experience.

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Give “The Bird” for the Holidays

OMG! It’s that time of year again. It’s the calm before the storm, that terrified look of anticipation all sales associates have in their eyes. In a few days, the official frenzy will begin. BLACK FRIDAY. Some people have already started, and some people have been preparing all year for their Christmas (sorry, Holiday) lists. Nonetheless, most of us use Black Friday as the official “Oh Sh!+” moment – I need to start shopping!

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Meet The Bird

Have you ever given someone the bird? The one finger salute, the state bird of NY, flipped off, the awkward unicorn… it’s a simple hand gesture that can often be misinterpreted. The bird is most commonly given in driving situations out of complete frustration for the lack of considerate drivers. Yes, most people know that the bird is a gesture performed out of anger, but is it really saying enough?

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