Question: What type of batteries does The Bird use?
Answer: The Bird accepts standard alkaline AA batteries as well as widely-available rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) AA batteries. NiMH batteries are recommended.

Question: Is there an app for iOS and Android?
Answer: Yes! The app is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play. Just search for “Blue Corvus The Bird.”

Question: What color LEDs are available for The Bird?
Answer: Currently, The Bird is offered with red LEDs only, which has been found to be the most visible color choice. Other color choices are available for volume special orders.

Question: Can I power The Bird through the micro USB port without having to remove the batteries?
Answer: Yes! The Bird automatically selects the micro USB port for its power, if you plug a power source into it. The batteries are automatically switched off.

Question: What are the dimensions of The Bird?
Answer: 3.15” tall x 7.4” wide x 1.15” deep

Question: Can The Bird be seen on sunny days?
Answer: Absolutely! When using the included attachable visor, The Bird’s scrolling messages are visible from up to 90 feet in the brightest sunlight! Nice!

Question: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: The Bird is currently sold inside the United States and Canada.

Question: Are the messages customizable?
Answer: Yes! There are 20 message slots available for any size message (only limited by the amount of internal memory, which is huge). You input your messages much like you would a text message and then upload those messages to The Bird over the Bluetooth link.  Forget IR remotes that require you input o-n-e l-e-t-t-e-r a-t a t-i-m-e. Programming The Bird is simple and fast!
Want to edit one or more of your messages? Just make your changes and reprogram The Bird.

Question: Can I use The Bird other places than just my car?
Answer: Absolutely! Because it is so small and portable, our lightweight design makes it easy for users to pick it up and travel with it to different locations.
Want to greet people coming to kill time in your office during work? The Bird sits comfortably on your desk, ready to scroll your witty comments at the touch of a button on your app.
Or, place The Bird on your child’s nightstand, so that in the morning, when they wake up, you can have The Bird scroll a “Good morning! I love you!” message to start your loved one’s day right! You’ll be able to program it from outside their room using the Bluetooth Low Energy link!