The Bird Rechargeable – Auburn/Bama Edition


Love the idea of The Bird Auburn/Bama Edition, and you want it to be rechargeable? Done! The Bird Rechargeable includes ALL of the features of The Bird* and adds a rechargeable 1050 mAh Li-ion battery. To sweeten the deal, the battery is an industry-standard 14650, and it is user-replaceable.

The Bird Rechargeable will run anywhere from 3.75 hours to 23 hours total per charge, depending on your brightness setting.

To charge the battery, just plug your Bird Rechargeable into the Blue Corvus Vehicle Power Kit, and you’re set – 2.5 hours to a full battery. And, you can charge your Bird Rechargeable and power it through the micro USB port simultaneously, much like a mobile phone.

* The rechargeable battery replaces the standard Bird’s option of using AA batteries.


 Let your Bird Rechargeable fly into action:

  • Scroll your favorite messages in the back window of your vehicle while tailgating before the game!
  • Once it’s game time, just remove your Bird Rechargeable from the included suction cup mount, slip it into your front pocket, and take it to the game!
  • Catch the TV camera operator’s attention during the game with your unique messages and GET ON THE JUMBOTRON!
  • On your way home, scroll the score of your game and let everyone on the road see who won!

How will YOU use YOUR Bird Rechargeable?

  • 64×16 LED Display (1024 dots), capable of scrolling well-crafted fonts and simple graphics/emojis
  • Scroll 20 programmable and reprogrammable messages of ridiculously long length – up to 260,000 total characters
  • Running The Bird app on your Android/Apple phone or tablet, quickly input and program your messages
  • Use your device’s built-in keyboard, or for even faster message entry, utilize the voice-to-text!
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for fast and effortless wireless programming and control of The Bird Rechargeable
  • Powered by either 3 AA batteries or via the micro USB power port
  • 16 levels of brightness – from “It won’t wake the baby” to retinal-searing. Readable up to 90 feet in bright sunlight.
  • 32 different scrolling speeds
  • Mirror mode – allows the driver in the car in front of you to read your front-facing message in their rearview mirror.
  • Suction cup mount with standard 1/4-20 threads included
  • Sun visor for The Bird included

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in
Add Quick Release Mount

Include Quick Release Mount, No Quick Release Mount

Add Vehicle Power Kit

Include Vehicle Power Kit, No Vehicle Power Kit


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