Give “The Bird” for the Holidays

OMG! It’s that time of year again. It’s the calm before the storm, that terrified look of anticipation all sales associates have in their eyes. In a few days, the official frenzy will begin. BLACK FRIDAY. Some people have already started, and some people have been preparing all year for their Christmas (sorry, Holiday) lists. Nonetheless, most of us use Black Friday as the official “Oh Sh!+” moment – I need to start shopping!

As of right now, you have a few more days to plan. Most stores rely heavily on the impulse buys this time of year. It’s completely understandable – you see something, it makes you think of <<insert Name>>, you buy it, and mark them off your to-buy- for list. However, planning does make life a little easier and possibly more fiscally responsible. Enter pre-shopping mode, where I attempt to figure out whom I’m buying presents for, what kind of money I intend to spend on each, and roughly what type of gift they will get.

However, we all have that one friend that is impossible to shop for or even come up with creative gift ideas for. My friend’s name is Brian. Brian is a boisterous, highly-opinionated guy that doesn’t hesitate to tell people how he feels. Friends would say he has a “strong personality.” He’s also the kind of guy that doesn’t balk at buying something he wants. We all have a “Brian” in our lives that we can never figure out what gift is (1) unique enough for, (2) something he will actually use and (3) is something he doesn’t already own.

I give you… The Bird!

Brian needs a Bird. He would use it, love it, and never think to buy one for himself. It’s an easy gift that encompasses all things “Brian.” It’s cute, outspoken, can be funny, rude or considerate – just like Brian. Truly, The Bird isn’t just for the Brians of the world; there are so many different uses for a portable LED sign that will display your personalized messages with the click of a smartphone. They’re great for a new business owner to spread the word about their company. I know any Uber driver’s ratings would go up for me, if I knew they were in fact my ride. The fun part about The Bird is figuring out fun new ways to use it.

If you do have a “Brian” or anyone else in your life that needs a Bird for the holidays, check with us on Cyber Monday (a.k.a. November 27th). We will be having a sale on Birds and our brand new accessory, the Quick Release Mount, so you can take The Bird everywhere.

Till then, think about your list…and think about who you’ll give The Bird for the holidays!