Meet The Bird

Have you ever given someone the bird? The one finger salute, the state bird of NY, flipped off, the awkward unicorn… it’s a simple hand gesture that can often be misinterpreted. The bird is most commonly given in driving situations out of complete frustration for the lack of considerate drivers. Yes, most people know that the bird is a gesture performed out of anger, but is it really saying enough?

In addition to being frustrated with bad drivers, we all talk to other cars around us (or at least everyone I know does). I say, “thanks for letting me in,” and “sure, you can get over,” or even “awesome paint job.” The most common denominator I find with communicating with others is, it’s difficult to express yourself in a moving vehicle with only hand gestures and strange facial expressions. Even flashing a quick middle finger doesn’t really express what’s got you aggravated, only that you’re not super happy. Or, the thank you wave – most of the time the glare of your windshield makes that impossible to see. It’s a common problem in big cities and even in smaller mountain towns. In the cities, bad drivers/distracted drivers are abundant, and in small towns, tourists don’t understand that the locals don’t need to slow down to see every attraction along the road (leaf peepers!). Not being able to communicate with other drivers, no matter how good or bad a driver you are, is something we all can relate to. Out of this frustration an ingenious product was born…

Meet The Bird!

The Bird isn’t only perfect for snarky messages, it’s also a great way to express your

pride for your honor roll student,

your love of your furry friend,

or even school spirit.

The fun part of The Bird is figuring out new and clever ways to give it!

How would you give The Bird?